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Barbara Moseby

Barbara Moseby
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During my 16-year career in Real Estate, I have encountered many situations where I have had the opportunity to educate clients on the buying and selling process. Some become discouraged when their approval letter does not indicate the loan amount or finance terms they expected. They then feel that this limits their housing options to the possibility of moving into their desired neighborhood. As a result, many clients decide to defer their purchase until the market crashes, or simply not move forward at all.

As a highly experienced Realtor and trusted Advisor, my job is to encourage clients to meet their goal, which is to make the successful transition from renter to homeowner. They work diligently to get pre-approval and now have the option of purchasing their own home, and should seize the opportunity to do so.

If you are feeling daunted by the buying process, always remember that your first home may not be your dream home, but any home can be transformed into your vision, and then if needed look to moving into that dream home in the future. You must start somewhere! You will be a homeowner, building equity, and making improvements that will boost the resale value.

As your representative, I will be there for you to make the buying process as smooth as possible, providing professional guidance as well as challenging any self-defeating thoughts you may have regarding buying or selling a home. I strongly encourage all my clients to consider purchasing property. The thousands of dollars that you spend on rent yearly will then be utilized towards a home of your own. There is so many possibilities to include renting out your property in the future and generating passive income in the process. You can also utilize equity to purchase a more desirable home…the one you have always dreamed of. It is important that you understand that home ownership puts you in a much better financial position down the road.

Whatever you decide, just “Get in Where you Fit In!” Get professional representation to ensure a smooth and stress-free buying or selling process.

No matter what home you qualify for, I have got you covered! I have helped clients sell condos, townhomes, and single-family homes as well as retirement homes, investment properties, rural acreage, and vacant land.

As an REO Certified Broker and Realtor, I can find you incredible real estate bargains, as well as offload property while saving on high-cost sales commissions. If you need assistance with financing, down payment, or short sales, I am here for you to provide the support you need. Together, we can make the “impossible” possible.

Whatever your situation, I am ready to assist you every step of the way!

Contact me at 916-476-7955 or You can also complete this form for inquiries.